Textured Polycarbonate Sheets, its features and applications in Building Construction

Hey, did you know that Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that is made from a chemical name Bisphenol A and Phosgene? Also, Polycarbonate has a linear structure with repeating units of carbonate groups linked by organic groups.

Let’s understand more in this post about Textured Polycarbonate Sheet, its features, and why it is used in Building Construction in this post.

What is a Textured Polycarbonate Sheet?

A textured polycarbonate sheet is a type of polycarbonate sheet that has a textured surface on one or both sides. The texture varies from fine to coarse. They can create different effects such as matte, glossy, prismatic, embossed, or patterned.

Lotus Textured polycarbonate sheets are used for various applications where light diffusion, durability privacy, and aesthetics are desired.

Some of the benefits of using Textured Polycarbonate sheets are:

  • Light Weight & easy to transport
  • Durable and highly resistant to rain & snow, heat & sunlight, fire & impact.
  • Its translucent quality allows natural light to pass through while reducing heat gain.
  • While the textured surface creates a decorative effect, it also enables the diffusion of natural light including dispersion of light over a large area thus preventing glare and see-through vision.

This ‘unbreakable material’ is thermoplastic and possesses a lot of benefits, which is why it is significantly used in building and construction. From lighting to strengthening structural parts, polycarbonate is an extremely versatile and unique material. Here are some benefits of using polycarbonate in building and construction.

What are the applications of Textured Polycarbonate Sheets in Building Construction?

Textured Polycarbonate Sheets from Lotus Roofings are preferred where durability, aesthetics, natural light, and insulation are mostly desired especially in Building Construction.

Lotus Textured Polycarbonate sheets are commonly used for paneling, roofing, skylights, and cladding. They are suitable for a wide range of different lighting applications. They are well suited for the illumination of interiors and are used for lamp covers at the workplace.

It is also used in LED and light applications due to its electrical properties.

 Skylights and Windows:

Textured Polycarbonate sheets can replace glass as it is 250 times stronger than glass and also well known for its impeccable strength. Skylights and Windows brighten a room and adds a lot of aesthetic sense in commercial facilities allowing natural light to enter the building. You can leave it transparent or add a layer of tint to the surface.

Also, Polycarbonate has good heat and cold insulating capacity which aids in keeping the interiors of the building warm during winters and cool during summer.

The insulation property also reduces the need for additional equipment thus reducing the cost of altering the temperature within the building.

Wall Panels & Roof Domes

Polycarbonate sheets from Lotus Roofings are hard, durable, and also versatile and offer a wide range of options for personalization and customization to suit the building… It can be molded into any shape, cut, drilled, or color coated to achieve the desired look without compromising on the aesthetic feel.

Its light weight reduces the load on the structure and the foundation of the building

Cladding and Paneling

Lotus Textured polycarbonate sheets are highly recommended for cladding and paneling because of their light transmission, thermal insulation, and structural design property.

While it allows natural sunlight to enter the building, it also creates a pleasant and bright atmosphere. They filter our harmful UV rays thus preventing fading of interiors. They help in regulating temperature while also creating additional air pockets around the building improving its thermal performance.

Also, textured polycarbonate reduces the dead weight loading as it is much lighter than glass or metal. They also provide soundproofing and fire resistance adding to the safety aspects without missing out of the elegance.

These feature helps is cost saving and becomes the first choice for Building Architects.


Lotus textured polycarbonate is hard, strong, and resilient plastic that can withstand scratches, abrasions, and high impact and also resist UV rays, chemicals, and moisture. These features help in ensuring that signage remains vibrant and is also readable for a longer span of time.

The Embossed texture adds depth and dimension to the logos and the graphics. Hence there is an attractive and unique visual appeal. Lotus textured polycarbonate sheets are available in a wide range of colors to choose from, for different themes and styles.

Its versatility is unmatched with other materials like wood or metal.

 Fences, dividers, and barriers

No one would like to make a compromise when it comes to privacy and security. Having said that, Lotus textured polycarbonate sheets have the capacity to withstand impacts caused by people and objects. Hence it is highly recommended as a fence or a divider at Schools, Playgrounds, Sports Stadiums, Airports, and Greenhouses. They are used as dividers or office partitions to reduce noise pollution at workplaces as they have the capacity to absorb sound waves. They are also recommended for acoustic barriers and bullet-resistant panels.

These are some of the applications and benefits of Lotus Polycarbonate Sheets.

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