Bending Elastic Modulus:
It is the measure of a material's elasticity and it's ability to bend.
Bending Radius:
The minimum radius a sheet can bend without damaging and shortening its life.


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE):
Every material has a different response to heat, which is characterized by its thermal expansion coefficient (CTE). The coefficient of thermal expansion measures how much a material expands per degree change in temperature compound to its original size. CTE is calculated by the change in length divided by the quantity of the length at room temperature, multiplied by the change of temperature.


The degree to which a structural element is displaced under a load. Also known as DMX.
To spread in all directions. In horticultural terms, it is how the sun beams are scattered when passing through polycarbonate sheets.


Flame Spread:
The burning characteristics of building materials.


A polycarbonate profile used vertically to join two multiwall polycarbonate sheets.


Impact Strength:
The maximum force or energy of a blow (given by a fixed procedure) which can be withstood without fracture.


The measurement of heat conductivity of a particular material.


Light Transmission:
Light Transmission is the percentage of light passes through a polycarbonate sheet. When a light beam strikes a polycarbonate sheet, some light is reflected, some absorbed, and the rest is transmitted. Light transmission depends on the reflectance of both surfaces of the sheet and the absorption of light into the sheet. Light transmission decreases with an increase in thickness.


Masking Film:
A removable protective film tape with no adhesive residue. The masking film prevents scratching and damage of the polycarbonate sheet during transport, fabrication, and installation.
A polycarbonate sheet consisting of two or more layers depending on the thickness of the sheets. Flutes are formed by the vertical interior walls within the layers.


A silicon adhesive used to seal the gaps in the joints of the polycarbonate roofing to make it water and air tight.
Self-Drilling Screws:
A type of screw that has a drill point that enables it to drill its own hole using a drilling machine.
The ability of a material to cease burning once the source of flame is removed.
Service Temperature:
Indicates the lowest and highest temperatures that a product can withstand during the time heat is applied to it.


Tensile strength:
The maximum stress that a material can bear before breaking when it is allowed to be stretched or pulled.
Thermal conductivity:
The ability of a material to conduct/transfer heat. It is generally denoted by the symbol 'k'.


U Channel:
A polycarbonate profile used horizontally to cap off the top and bottom of a multiwall polycarbonate sheet.
UV protection:
It means protection from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun by a coating that blocks the ultraviolet light, thus preventing sun burns to the skin and damage to the eyes.


Yellowing Index:
The tendency of plastic to turn yellow upon long-term exposure to light.