Corrugated PVC Sheets

Lotus PVC DayLite

DAYLITE is the latest introduction from LOTUS. Incorporating the best of imported and Indian raw materials, these translucent sheets possess high UV stability, heat distortion resistance and fire retardant properties.

Allowing 45-50% transparency, the sheets create an ambient atmosphere by filtering natural sunlight. The sheets are flexible, light weight and impermeable, thus allowing significant savings in structural cost. With high tensile and fracture strength, the sheets are rust, rodent and termite proof.

As a superior alternative to fibre glass sheets, which are usually handmade, breakable and of inconsistent quality, DAYLITE has high impact resistance and load bearing capacity.


Type Pitch Depth Thickness Width Length Color
AC Corrugation(XL) 146 mm 48 mm 1 mm, 1.3 mm 1.05 m 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m Natural Blue, Green


  • Car Porch
  • Warehouse
  • School
  • Sports and Multi-purpose Hall
  • Pre Fab Structure
  • Terrace Roof

Features & Benefits

  • Savings of 10% in the Overall construction cost
  • Possesses Stability under Different Temperature
  • Aesthetically Superior
  • Good Thermal Insulation
  • High tensile strength as compared to AC Sheets
  • Superior to fibre class sheets
  • High UV Stability
  • Zero maintenance